Russian MP: Dominant role of one of superpowers is needed to restore peace in South Caucasus PDF Print E-mail

Dominant influence of one of the superpowers or an alliance of states is needed to restore peace and stability in South Caucasus, Member of he Russian State Duma Sergei Markov said today. He stressed perspective of Russia and Turkey's alliance.

"If to leave the region to itself it will lead to destabilization of the situation and global long-term confrontations," Markov said.

According to Markov, the regions themselves are interested in the appearance of one global geopolitical power. For the time being, it is not clear who will be this power in the South Caucasus.

Markov believes that Russia is too weak, the EU has too many internal problems, and the U.S. is bogged down in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"In my opinion, Turkey and Russia's alliance will have influence on the region, which is now greatly developing," Markov said. "This alliance will not include Iran, as its scope of interests mainly focuses on the Middle East."

Of course, time will show how effective the Russian-Turkish alliance will be in the restoration of stability in the Caucasus.